Welcome to Xingu (pronounced SHIN-GOO) Amazonia

Xingu Amazonia is an Ultra-hydrating, All-natural, Certified Organic Spa Quality, Cosmeceuticals skin care line, that enhance the user's natural beauty while decreases signs of aging and notably improves your skin's suppleness and elasticity. Named for the region near the Xingu River in Brazil where the unique and potent medicinal plant and nut oils are wild harvested. Our products give you a visibly smoothed and revitalized complexion, without harmful chemicals, unnatural preservatives or additives.

Xingu Amazonia was founded and is run by Salah Alayube, a Brazilian of Afro-Native descent. His ancestors have used the rich variety of natural substances found in the Amazonian rainforest for centuries. It is of great importance to share the value of these natural substances, supporting the sustainability of the rainforest and creating financial independence for his people.

Why Buy Xingu Amazonia Products?

Our products are all handmade to order, in small batches. Our product contains No synthetic fragrances, No petroleum based products, No animal based ingredients. No alcohol, and No Stuff, 100 % Vegan, USDA Organic.

We create top quality organic facial and skin care products made specifically for your day Spa, Resort Spa, Plastic Surgeons, Salons and Estheticians. We provide products which suit the needs of your clients as well as providing you with high quality products that show real results, and not empty promises. Your customers are guaranteed to thank you again and again and to come back for more. Our hand crafted and unique products will stand out along side any of the most popular spa and body care products available on the market today.

Natural Beauty from the depths of the Amazon

If you have been seeking a quality company offering beautifully hand-crafted all natural, organic skincare, you have found it. We have products ranging from organic facial spa treatment, high quality, fine organic anti-aging creams, to products that instantly soothe irritated skin caused by shaving, waxing, facial peels, tattooing, piercing, and laser or other skin treatments.

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