Robin R., San Jose, CA

I've tried balms, glosses, butters, treatments, flavored and unflavored, scented and unscented, and with and without medication. I was always searching for a better product, something that would make my lips softer, longer. Once I tried this balm I stopped searching. I've never encountered a product that works as fast or as thoroughly as this.

Kristina D. Saratoga, CA

I love these products. The moisturizer is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and leaves my skin so soft without feeling greasy. I'm very sensitive to smells but the natural scent of the product is so nice I can wear it every day and not be irritated by it.

On Whipped Body Butter

Valencia G., San Antonia, TX

Thank you again for letting me try your wonderful Xingu Amazonia Body Butter! I have used it for 11 days now and have noticed a huge difference. Right now with the dry cold weather my skin is usually severely dry and itchy. Regular fragranced hand lotions only take away the dryness for approx 30 mins before I feel like I never applied any lotion at all.

However, with the Body Butter my skin is instantly achieves a healthy glow once applied! The Body Butter melts on my skin and keeps my skin smooth and moist the whole day!

Thank you again for introducing me to a wonderful product that I am introducing to all my friends!

On Ultra-Hydating Lotion

Suzen A., San Jose, CA

It's a great moisturizer, not greasy, and makes my body feel like it used to feel.

On Facial Renewal Lotion

Suzen A., San Jose, CA

This is my favorite nighttime face cream. It leaves me feeling as natural as when I use the Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion.

On Amazonian White Clay Facial Mask

Suzen A., San Jose, CA

I'd given up on face mask until "Amazonian White Clay Facial Mask." It's an excellent, non-drying, mild exfoliant. I love it and use it often.

On Exfoliating Body Butter Scrub

D. Mora, San Jose, CA

Winter is the worst time for my skin. My face would hurt when I smiled. I use lotion for my body, but I wasn't sure what to use on my face. I am so glad I tried your exfoliating facial scrub. I only used a very small amount. I immediately felt the texture of my face change from super dry to super soft. I want to try your body butter cream next. If it's anything like your facial scrub, I'm sure my skin will love it!

Alzira R., San Jose, CA

I used your exfoliating scrub in the shower & my sensitive skin felt hydrated, soft & smooth. Thank You.